7 Things You Can Do With Beer, Besides Drink It
I love beer and apparently so do a lot of you. The average adult in America drinks about 21 gallons of beer a year. Yes that's a lot you drunk! But if you did not know there are other things you can use beer for other than drink it and make your date better looking...
$765 Beer Comes Wrapped in Roadkill [VIDEO]
Thanks to craft beer company BrewDog, you can now look hobo-chic while drinking your beer. That's because the UK-based firm --co-owned by James Watt and Martin Dickie - has created a potent bottle of beer served inside an actual squirrel, weasel or hare carcass.
Real Life Party Animals [PICS]
The past week and the upcoming week have been straight parties across the country. Mardi Gras and Spring Break have given college students, and the young at heart, a reason to party again. And with St. Patrick's Day being Thursday, we thought we would take the time out to celebrate our 4 legged…