Twenty-year-old Texas Tech student Zachary Kafer was stabbed and killed outside Mesquites Bar and grill January 14, allegedly by fellow 20-year-old Texas Tech student, John Henry Allen.

Now, the TABC is investigating the incident, possibly for minors drinking in a bar.

No details are being released about the investigation yet. However, the incident involved underage Texas Tech students in a bar-heavy area.

No one involved with the investigation has placed any fault with any establishment in the area. However, they most definitely will be researching whether either of the two men involved had access to alcohol in a TABC-licensed facility.

"At this point, we are reviewing some of the evidence that Lubbock Police Department has uncovered through their homicide investigation," said the TABC's Major Mark Menn [quote via Everything Lubbock]. "Evidence in a case like this is going to include things like video, surveillance footage, witness statements, things like that that can verify where everyone involved was, how things started, how they escalated, and for our particular purposes we're trying to find out whether or not the activity occurred on a licensed premise."


What that means in laymen's terms is that they want to know if a bar served a minor, and if alcohol was a factor in the homicide. This will probably take some time before any facts are released, but we'll keep up to date on it.

Mesquites will remain open during the investigation.

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