Superman and Lois Lane will be getting their own standalone show on The CW, to go into production this spring. It will star Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch respectively as the famous superhero and his hard-hitting reporter wife. The two actors have played these roles on other Arrowverse shows, including Supergirl and The Flash. Now, the focus will be on their super-marriage and all the challenges that come from being working parents. And when your job is to save the world from evil, the challenges are many.

The Arrowverse introduced Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s baby son in the ongoing crossover saga Crisis on Infinite Earthsand then promptly sent him away into space. Details on where the series will pick up in the Arrowverse timeline have yet to be revealed.Todd Helbing, showrunner for The Flash, is set to write and executive produce the Superman and Lois series. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Geoff Johns are listed as executive producers as well, with Berlanti Productions working with Warner Bros. Television to develop the show.

DC Comics’ television department is making more consistent strokes than Marvel Television, whose attempt to create a standalone TV cinematic universe didn’t go over so well. Now, Marvel’s future television series will be folded into the rest of the franchise. DC, on the other hand, has taken some risks (Watchmen, for example), but pads them out with more traditional shows like the upcoming Superman and Lois. 

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