It seems that the CW is finished with Riverdale after Season 7. To be honest, though, that’s probably a move that fans of the show saw coming. In Season 6, the show became increasingly paranormal, and it would seem that the Riverdale we know is closing in on a resolution. The show has had a decent run, airing since 2017.

Riverdale has become increasingly bizarre over the course of its six seasons. While it started out as a murder mystery with obvious homage being made to Twin Peaks, we’ve seen cults, drug crazes, and gang storylines. As strange as that may sound, the Archie comics themselves have been experimenting for a long time. We had crossover events like Archie vs. Predator, and even a zombie series called Afterlife With Archie.

Season 6 of the show was its largest departure from the Riverdale we know so far. At the end of Season 5, just as Archie and Bettie are rekindling their relationship, we hear the ticking of a bomb underneath their bed. The bomb likely exploded, but at the beginning of Season 6, it's as if nothing’s changed.

Archie finds himself in what is essentially some kind of alternate universe where he lives in a town called Rivervale, and no one has any memory of a place called Riverdale. The season continues with this plotline until Archie is sacrificed by witches, and we enter Part 2. The 4th episode of season 2 is also a crossover event with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrinawhich fans of the Archieverse had been dreaming about since a while ago.

On the subject of the cancelation, the channel’s chairman and CEO said: “As The CW looks towards the future, we are evolving and adapting to become more than just a network. We are a brand that drives our passionate and dedicated audiences to engage directly with our programming across all platforms, both linear and digital.” That includes ending Riverdale, which has been one of the channel’s cornerstones for more than half a deacde.

In the meantime, Season 6 is still currently airing, and with the show’s hasty release schedule, it won't be long before we get that final season.

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