Oh the joys of being married!  No, really!  There are joys to being married!  There are also ridiculous arguments that between married couples – such as how to properly install a new roll of toilet paper (the end piece goes over, NOT under – duh!)

I recently saw a video from BuzzFeed that had 2 actors acting out every ridiculous that married couples fight about – and I have to say, they were spot on!  I’ve have had and continue to have these same fights with my husband.

A few of my favorites are:

  1. 'What do you want for dinner'…'I don’t know, you decide'…'no YOU decide'…
  2. Singing or humming out of tune!
  3. Instead of installing the roll of toilet paper – the people in my house sits it on the back of the toilet.  WHY??

And – here are a few things I know that I do and gets under my husband’s skin:

  1. Eating chips.  He says I am the ‘loudest chip eater in the world’ (whatever.)
  2. When I say to him 'HUH?  I can't hear you!'.  (Mice speak louder than he does!)
  3. When my fork accidentally scrapes my plate as I scoop up a bite to eat.

So I’m curious – what are some weird things that you and your significant other fight about?

Enjoy the video BuzzFeed put together!

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