I was up watching late night SpikeTV and stumbled across a show about stupid criminals. I saw a defendant while in court, in front of Judge and Jury totally lose it and attack his own attorney after receiving 125 years for a double homicide. One of the victims being a police officer. That started a google search and Youtube exploration that lead to a ton of "Courtroom Brawls". Here are the best of what I found.

  • Don't Make me Take My Shirt Off!

    Crazy men attack the prosecutor and family members of the person they murdered.

  • A Father's Rage.

    Fight in a trial of a suspected gunman in a drive-by shooting where a child was killed.

  • No Jeffery No!!!

    During Sentecing this guy loses it and gives the police more than they can handle. Check out the bailiff that is seeing stars for a few seconds.

  • I Better Win, or Else...

    A defendant is not happy with his attorney at all. This lawyer gets KO'd by a Kmart bandit.

  • Watch Out I Have A Taser And I Have No Aim!

    A defendant in court lashes out. Once he kicks at his lawyer, the Bailiffs try to subdue him with a taser, only to shock one of the bailiffs.

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