Texas Tech's third trip to Omaha has the team feeling good. They showed it last night in a win over Florida. It wasn't a surprise that the team was loose, either. Second baseman Brian Klein was doing stage dives in Omaha before the game.

Maybe not the safest or smartest decision, but a guy worried about the biggest game of his life isn't doing a stage dive in Omaha.

Texas Tech has used many things over the years to stay loose in the dugout. Back in 2016, the team had "Water the Tree." In 2018, the team has developed its own secret language, according to starter Davis Martin.

It's great to see the team loose and having fun in what is easily the most pressure they have faced all season.

After toppling the number one seeded Florida Gators last night the Red Raiders will try and keep the fun rolling against the SEC and Arkansas Tuesday (June 19) at 6 p.m.

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