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This year's severe weather season got a kick-start this past Friday. Tornadoes were spotted in Texoma, with one near Vernon still getting reaction on social media two days after it formed.

If you look at the photo at the start of this article, you can see the Vernon tornado high off the ground. The framing of the photo with the funnel near the windmill reminds me of the movie "The Wizard of Oz".

Ron Roberts, the Chief Meteorologist for KAMC-TV in Lubbock, has employed storm chasers for decades. He's always talked about they are vital to his severe weather coverage. Last week, one of his newest chasers got an incredible photo of the same tornado near Vernon. Jacob Riley shared it on social media:

This tornado even caught the attention of Texoma locals. Here are some more photos, but from a further distance away. The next two photos were shared online by WWL in New Orleans,

Here's another perspective of the tornado from a much closer view.  The photos from @312Will show some of the dust and debris being kicked up from the ground.  His second photo also captured part of rainbow, which is always interesting to see during a tornadic event.

Here another angle of the tornado kicking up debris.  Bonus points for @StasIsChasing for including his dog in his storm chasing activities, but he looks to be pretty close to the funnel.

Finally, another rainbow photos from last Friday's storm. @CharlesPeekWX was able to capture the whole rainbow, plus the tornado, in the same photos. If Charles enters photography competitions, that definitely should be an entry.

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