One day after his fellow ‘American Idol’ alum Lauren Alaina debuted her first video, Scotty McCreery followed suit with the clip for his single, ‘I Love You This Big’ — and now you can see it for yourself.

In the grand ‘Idol’ tradition of romantic first singles, ‘I Love You This Big’ is a heartstring-tugging ballad, and fans have no doubt been waiting to see whose heart McCreery would melt in the video. So who does he end up with in the big romantic finish?

It’s a trick question, because the answer is “no one.” Befitting the song title, there’s plenty of love to go around in the ‘I Love You This Big’ video, but McCreery is part catalyst, part observer; as the guys and gals in the audience for his performance join in, he’s on stage with his band, fireworks lighting up the night sky behind them.

‘I Love You This Big’ is already a big radio hit, both on the country charts — where it’s reached the top 20 — and the Billboard Hot 100, where it currently sits just outside the top 10.

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