As previously reported, Sacha Baron Cohen has been working on a James Bond-style spy spoof over at Paramount, and today we're pleased to relay that the project not only has a title, but a director as well. 'Now You See Me' helmer Louis Leterrier has been chosen to tackle this not-so-top-secret and -- judging by the talent involved -- hopefully very hilarious upcoming new job.

Variety reports that Leterrier, who previously helmed this year's wacky magician heist film 'Now You See Me,' has been hired to direct 'Grimsby,' the previously untitled spy spoof comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen co-wrote the project with Phil Johnston, who previously scripted Disney's 'Wreck-It Ralph.'

The film follows a British black-ops agent in the vein of James Bond, who is forced to team up with his estranged brother, an English soccer hooligan, and the pair must go on the run together. 'Grimsby' will be action heavy, unlike Cohen's previous projects, so finding the right director for the film was key. Someone like Leterrier can definitely juggle both the comedic and action elements with finesse, and according to the trade, the director had been "aggressively pursuing" the project since wrapping 'Now You See Me.' Perhaps he's a big 'Borat' fan?

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