We can always count on Jimmy Fallon to tackle the hard questions. His latest challenge? Finding out exactly what Ryan Lewis (one half of Macklemore + Ryan Lewis) does. To get to the bottom of the problem, Jimmy asked Ryan himself to head out to the streets of New York City to poll strangers.

Ryan questioned strangers, asking them everything from their favorite hip-hop artists to identifying Ryan Lewis in a picture of himself and Macklemore. Given the task -- and that Jimmy Fallon was behind it -- it's a given that the results are hilarious. Our favorite moment was when Ryan joyously informed a participant that she "just got Lewised!"

We love that Ryan clearly had a great attitude about opening himself to scrutiny. While Macklemore, the other half of the Grammy-winning duo, might be more recognizable, Ryan is still an integral part of the pair. (And, in case you're wondering, he is a producer and DJ.)

Watch Ryan Lewis ask strangers what Ryan Lewis does in the video above!

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