Here's my humble opinion: big banks are the worst. If you work at a big bank, I certainly don't hold it against you or think anything negative about you. Unless you are the CEO. Then you are probably too busy feeding actual money to your jewel encrusted pet ocelot to care what a peasant like I has to say about your life choices.

Boleo is very happy with his local bank First Bank & Trust and I'm very happy with my credit union Alliance. We are not endorsing these places per se, and aren't being paid for our opinion, we just want to get the good word out, so to speak. I highly recommend you do your research and pick the financial institution that's right for you.

Here's a little video that explains why we love local banking over feeding the giant corporate monster known as mega-banks:

Man in Lubbock Steals Hundreds in...Snow Cone Supplies?





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