News came out earlier this week that Texas locations of In-And-Out Burger were closing due to an issue of 'bad buns' that came from their supplier. Luckily it wasn't a food-borne illness issue, just 'yucky buns' and In-And-Out wasn't about to compromise their product.

Not terribly pressing news for Lubbockites, since we are (still) patiently waiting on an In-And-Out location to open here. However, this issue may now affect us, as it has spread to some Raising Cane's and Whataburger locations- including some in the West Texas area.

If you're craving either, don't panic. If your restaurant is affected both companies are offering alternatives. At Whataburger they are extending breakfast hours or allowing you to sub for a wheat bun or tortilla. Cane's is offering and extra side or chicken strip to replace the Texas Toast.


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