Prince was cremated in a small ceremony on Sunday (April 24). In the aftermath of his death, and as investigators try to determine the cause, his family and those closest to him are left to figure out who will get his unreleased music, $150 million estate and more.

According to TMZ, Prince reportedly did not have a a final will and testament when he passed; hence, his siblings could all have a stake in his fortune. Prince had one son, Boy Gregory who died hen he was still an infant, in 1996. The icon also had two ex-wives; he had been divorced from Mayte Garcia since 2000 and he'd divorced Manuela Testolini in 2006.

Prince was close with sister Tyka Nelson, but without a will it is not clear who will have the task of managing his estate. Under Minnesota law, his siblings -- the closest living relatives -- would share equally in his estate. Although Prince had eight brothers and sisters, Tyka was the only one who shared the same mom and dad as him.

Hopefully, Prince executed a trust, and indicated his intentions both with respect to who his trustee would be and how he would want the estate to be disposed of,” said celebrity probate attorney Dan Streisand to Reuters.


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