No one likes being asked annoying questions — just ask Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Robert Downey Jr., who have either ended or stormed out of annoying interviews after being barraged with everything from insults to pesky topics.

Check out our list below to see which other stars reached their boiling point mid-interview.

1. Robert Pattinson, On-Air With Ryan Seacrest

In November 2009, after a bit of pleasing and signing autographs to support the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Robert Pattinson walks into his interview with Ryan Seacrest a tad bewildered. The star fared well with questions about acclimating to fame but things came to an abrupt halt when Seacrest tried to peer into Pattinson's relationship with cast mate (and rumored girlfriend) Kristen Stewart.

2. Rihanna, Sunrise

Due to a bout of illness the night before, it's safe to say Rihanna probably wasn't in the best mood to be asked about her private life. So when anchor Natalie Barr made the mistake of derailing the initial Battleship conversation to discuss the actress-singer's rumored love connection with Ashton Kutcher and her infamous ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, RiRi pulled the plug on the conversation completely.

3. Robert Downey Jr., Channel 4 News

The level of awkwardness in Robert Downey Jr.'s April 2015 interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 News goes from 0 to 100 (real quick). What started as a discussion of Downey Jr.'s take on his part as Iron-Man quickly diverges when the interviewer questions the actor's past and political stance. Even after trying to brush off the subject, Guru-Murthy persisted to unpack Downey Jr.'s "dark periods" and everything went downhill from there...

4. Selena Gomez, Dean Richards interview

WGN's Dean Richards dropped the ball (hard) during his July 2013 video chat with Selena Gomez when he tried his luck at discussing the allure of the "Fetish" singer's on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, which ended with a visibly-uncomfortable Gomez smirking before the video was disconnected.

5. Prince, The View

During a surprise appearance on The View back in 2010, the late music legend Prince received what may have been the most awkward welcome of his career when co-host Sherri Shepherd shamelessly admitted, "I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life, I'm sorry." At that, the "Purple Rain" icon decided it was time to exit stage left.

6. Cara Delevingne, Good Day Sacramento

When a reporter mispronounces your name, you can guess the rest of an interview isn't going to go over well. This was the case for Cara Delevingne during this cringe-worthy convo with Good Day Sacramento while promoting her film Paper Towns in 2015. In an act of total disrespect, the correspondents criticized the actress's ability to focus, her lack of enthusiasm and resumed to bad-mouth her before Delevingne burned them all with "the bars."

7. Naomi Campbell, ABC News

Don't ask Naomi Campbell about any blood diamonds (or any piece of jewelry at all), unless you want a serious smacking. ABC News learned this lesson the hard way back in 2010 after challenging the supermodel over allegations of receiving the coveted gem by African despot Charles Taylor.

8. Rita Ora, Associated Press

In August 2014, while supporting the launch of her fragrance with DKNY in New York, Associated Press quizzed Rita Ora on the gossip concerning her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris tampering with her new music. However, the "Your Song" starlet was having none of it and made her graceful exit.

9. Donald Trump, CBS This Morning

When it comes to replay value, this vexatious interview between President Donald Trump and CBS' John Dickerson is as timeless as it gets. Earlier this May, when queried on unsupported accusations of wiretapping, Trump deflected Dickerson's request to comment, until he abruptly ended their interview by having the anchor escorted out of the Oval Office.

10. Justin Bieber, Mojo in the Morning

In this cringy clip extracted from a 2012 phone interview, Justin Bieber got (rightfully) fed up with the show hosts of Mojo in the Morning after being compared to other R&B acts like Justin Timberlake. However, the final straw was when the hosts asked whether the "Despacito" singer feared if One Direction's Harry Styles would make a move on his mom. As expected, Bieber answered back by dropping the line.

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