Okay, I promise I am not wearing a tinfoil hat (this time) when I say Lubbock has a pathway to getting a Whole Foods.

As we all know, United Supermarkets has been owned by Albertsons for the last three years. In my opinion, little has changed in the culture, style or service that United is famous for. Really, all I've seen is the changeover in some stores from Peet's Coffee to Starbucks, plus a few fancier cold food cases.

We also know that as of March 2017, Albertsons was in talks to purchase Sprouts, a grocery chain with a focus on healthy and natural foods.

Now, according to The Austin Statesmen: "Albertsons is exploring a possible takeover of Austin-based Whole Foods Market." Albertsons also owns many other chains, including Safeway, Tom Thumbs and Vons.

If Albertsons does buy up Sprouts and Whole Foods, that does create a possible "switch-out" scenario. Or, if they stick to what they've done with United, Sprouts could continue to operate mostly as usual and little will change.

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