Every Texas student has their own way of studying. Whether it is late at night, early in the morning, in a café, at home, or any other way, one thing remains fairly uniform, listening to some sort of music.

Over the past few years, a specific genre of music has dominated the study music game, and that is lo-fi. Something about those chill beats is perfect to listen to while doing homework, studying for your next exam, or taking a quick nap.

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One of the most popular Lofi sources students use is Lofi Girl. It is most popular via their YouTube streams because the music is paired with a calming animation of a girl studying with her cat staring out the window. There are also other videos of Lofi Girl available with different animations. You can also find Lofi Girl’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

A few days ago, the Lofi Girl channel posted a new video with the title, “What is happening with this blue window?” It is just a 36-second video zooming in from the girl’s window to a window across the street that is glowing blue.

Around the same time, Lofi Girl went missing from her room. The stream was still up and running, but she wasn’t there, and the blue window was flashing like Morse code in the background. Another stream popped up on the channel, but this one simply showed a closed door, timer, and fish tank that looked to be glowing blue.

The lo-fi community was confused but found out just a couple of days later what was happening.

The second stream turned out to be a synth-wave addition to the channel. Similar to Lofi Girl, it is a study tool, but this stream is of a boy on his computer, with a dog hanging out in the window, listening to synth-wave instead of lo-fi.

Now, when you visit the Lofi Girl channel, you will find both streams running and the light from the boy’s room shining in the girl’s window, and the light from the girl’s room shining in the boy’s window.

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