Possibly the biggest concert of the year went down Friday night. Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull hit the hub, and here are just a few of the pics from the show.
I was there with my son Friday night but my seats were pretty high up. You see here at KISS FM we give you, our fans, the good seats we get. And so when one of us wants to go we usually get nosebleed seats. Which is totally cool with me, but then we rely on you for better up close pictures. So if you have some really good ones, email them to 1025kiss@gmail.com.
I also want any video anybody might have of when Enrique pulled Richard onto that back stage and had some drinks together. Email that too please.
Here are my pics and some from a KISS fan Lori Trevino.
 And here are some from an (un)official Pitbull fan Facebook page.

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