Barbara Frazier got a sweet surprise after capturing a photograph of gorgeous owl in a central Texas camping area.

It wasn't until she reviewed her photos on her computer that she discovered she had also gotten a beautiful image of a momma owl, with her little floof ball baby.

Here's what she told us about the experience:

I'm not sure of the name of the campground, but it was on Inks Lake. My husband and I were camping there while visiting friends of 60-plus years who lived in Burnet. Though my family moved countless times while I was growing up, I have always thought of Marble Falls as my hometown and all of my ancestors lived in and around there, so all of Burnet County was very special to me.


It was almost an accident when I discovered this mother owl because I had been hiking quite a bit, and was getting ready to go back to the camper. Just happened to look up into the trees, and there she was. She was so high up, I truly did not see the baby until I saw it on the computer monitor. I later showed a print to a friend who immediately suggested that I use it for a Mother's Day card. Since I use many of my photos for my custon greeting cards, I liked the idea and made one for each of the mothers in my little church congregation.

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