We've heard of loving Paul McCartney, but these two girls took it to another level!

During Sir Paul's concert in Lubbock, Texas Thursday night (October 2), the legendary musician brought two young ladies named Beth and Brittany on the stage. Both girls were holding signs.

One young lady held a sign that read: "Sign my butt! (Just kidding) Sign my friend."

Her friend in question held a sign that requested McCartney's autograph so she could get it as a tattoo. Now that's a die-hard fan right there!

"Does your mother know about this," McCartney asked.

McCartney graciously obliged, signing the young girl's arm and giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

When it was her friend's turn, she walked up, turned around and jokingly shook her butt. While we can't see it in the video, we can only imagine McCartney blushed.

"She was just kidding about the butt," he said to the laughing crowd before also signing her arm and giving her a hug.

After the awesome gesture, you can hear one audience member say: "Way to go, Paul."

Our sentiments exactly.

Watch the video below

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