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Patrick Mahomes is already working on getting better for next season. Not even three weeks after winning Super Bowl the MVP is on to the next one. His workout this weekend included some familiar faces. Another former Texas Tech QB Jett Duffey, and more importantly, Mahomes favorite NFL player growing up, Dez Bryant.

The former Dallas Cowboy is trying to make a comeback in the NFL and who better to get you ready than the best quarterback in the league?

After the video of the workout surfaced so did an old tweet resurfaced that said Dez was Mahomes favorite player.

Bryant responded that it's come full circle now because Mahomes is now Dez's son's favorite player. Mahomes is also Dez Bryants' favorite player.

I don't think this means that Dez Bryant will end up in Kansas City, but stranger things have happened. Sammy Watkins might not be back and Demarcus Robinson will be able to leave as well. Maybe Bryant finds an opening on a cheap deal to get back into the league in a great position now that he's healthy and trying to win a ring.

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