Paramore's big comeback is imminent, and they're letting listeners hear the first four tracks of their self-titled record, including the lead single 'Now' -- which most of you already heard.

The verdict? It all sounds very Paramore.

'Fast in My Car' incorporates electronics and lots of production, but keeps frontwoman Hayley Williams' vocals raw. The song is an ode to fun, easy times, but Williams still injects vitriol: "Tonight we want to have fun / No one's the same as they used to be / But just we try to pretend / No one's as innocent as they used to be / We all fall short / We all sin."

'Grow Up' is about just that: "Some of us have to grow up sometimes / So if I have to / I'm going to leave you behind," Williams sings. Is this a diss to her ex bandmates? (It can be argued that releasing a self-titled record when Williams is the only original member left could be doing the same.)

The final preview track, 'Daydreaming,' sounds very ... Paramore. At nearly five minutes long, it's a midtempo wail for Williams: "The dream is all I have / Daydreaming / Daydreaming all the time / Daydreaming, daydreaming / Into the night." Profound? Maybe not. But catchy and ethereal? All day.

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