It sounds like Paramore are experiencing their own bit of misery business.

The three-piece band, founded in 2004, announced in a Facebook post yesterday (December 14) that original bassist Jeremy Davis will leave the band. The group's most recent, eponymous EP was released in 2013 and earned a Grammy for "Ain't It Fun."

"These last few years have held some of the most fulfilling moments we’ve had yet as people, as friends, and as a band," the post notes. "The self-titled era was one that we knew would be important for us but also one we'd eventually have to move on from. In moving forward, there is growth, pain, and change, and sometimes the change is not at all what you hoped for."

The note calls the split "really painful." Still, it's not the group's first round of musical chairs: In 2010, and amid rumors that media attention on Williams was tearing Paramore apart, members Josh Farro and Zac Farro left the band.

Williams and guitarist Taylor York, now a duo, insist they aren't throwing in the towel.

"After taking time to consider how to move forward, we ultimately found that we really do believe Paramore can and should continue on. And so we will," the statement continues. "We’re really thankful for the people who have helped see us through hard times before and what we’ve discovered is that those people are just as much a part of this as we will ever be. We’re hopeful for Paramore’s future."

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