Most of us love fireworks on the 4th of July. Many of us love fireworks any time of the year. But there is a group of very important people that may not appreciate them as much this weekend that you need to be aware of.

I'm not talking about people that just think they're important like politicians, or grumpy neighbors. And while you should also be courteous to the animals in your neighborhood, fireworks can scare dogs pretty bad, I'm not talking about them either.

I'm talking about our veterans. Many of them returned to America after combat tours with PTSD. For people with PTSD loud booms and explosions can trigger horrible memories and could be potentially dangerous to that person. Its something I never would have thought about until a friend of mine posted something about it on Facebook.

So while we all know veterans love to celebrate our freedoms as much as we do if not more, and many of us are celebrating their service to our country on the 4th, remember that not everyone will be OK with random loud unexpected explosions right over their house.

Check to see if there are any combat veterans in your neighborhood before you celebrate. Or even better go out in the country where its legal to set off fireworks and you shouldn't bother anybody anyways.

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