If you've seen the Facebook post going around, then you might have been fooled by it. It does look pretty legit. But no, Matt Damon isn't buying a house in Lubbock.

Many people were fooled by this post, and some just reposted it because they knew how absurd it is. I was a little surprised by it, too. Then I clicked a link nearby that had the exact same article, word for word, but with Matt instead moving to Madison, Wisconsin. And we ALL know that nobody moves there. So that's proof that this story is bull-oney.

Want more proof? This is how the website that posted the story describes itself in its "About Us" section:

Local News 33 is a fantasy news site.  All news articles on localnews33.com are satire or pure fantasy.

I know that finding out something on Facebook is fake is life-altering in a very negative way, but you may continue with your pre-programmed lives now.

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