I'm very excited for MOVE, a new and unique dance club experience in Lubbock. The creators of MOVE are local DJs and producers who came together to create a unique experience for fans of not only EDM, but other genres of dance music as well. I recently spoke to Micah Robnett, aka Dirty Robot, a local music producer:

via Dirty Robot
via Dirty Robot

Move is a new night at Level nightclub located at 1928 Buddy Holly. It features local DJs and producers from the West Texas area. The premise is to merge popular music with electronic dance music. Our goal is to give the Lubbock community a melting pot of top 40, rap, and electronic music combined with the unique lighting, everyone to have a unique experience there. Our goal is to deliver peace, love, unity, and respect through the creation of music.

Even though these are local and regional DJs and producers, don't you dare underestimate the talent that flows from our hometown:

We all have performed with some big artist names. I can't speak for the others but I performed with Lil Jon, Post Malone, Wakka Flaka, among others.

Begin your weekend (this is a college town, the weekend begins on Thursday, this is known) with MOVE- just be responsible with those insane drink specials ok?



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