18-year-old Mark Bao is a student and self-professed computer nerd at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Two months ago, someone stole his computer.  And last week, Mark realized he could have his revenge.

--Mark remembered he'd set up his computer to back itself up online.  And he could remotely access those backups.  So he was actually able to log in and see what the thief had been doing with his computer.

--One thing he found?  The thief had made a video of himself dancing in front of the computer's webcam to the song "Make It Rain" by TYGA.

--Another thing he found?  The computer's web history . . . and thanks to the Facebook history, Mark learned the thief's name.

--First, he called the police to report who'd stolen his computer.  Then he got his ultimate revenge by taking the video of the thief dancing to "Make It Rain" . . . and posting it on YouTube.

--The thief returned the laptop to the police . . . and BEGGED Mark to take down the video.  Quote, "I know I am in no position for asking you for favors . . . but I do have two jobs that, if something like that leaks, I can get in more trouble."

--And Mark's response was . . . hell, no.  The video is still up on YouTube and has more than half a million views.

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