$1.3 BILLION! That's a lot of scratch, for sure. But I've got 5 other reasons why you should keep playing the lottery. Probably not the same 5 you might have, but these are my reasons.

1. The ability to walk around work and NOT have to take orders from anybody, or listen to them. Having enough money in the bank gives you one great advantage at work. Not quitting. But going to work everyday knowing that you don't have to do a damn thing if someone ticks you off because you CAN quit and be fine.

2. Randomly buying everyone burritos. I mean, they're burritos! Who doesn't like burritos? Buy like a thousand and just hand them out.

3. Starting your own business. Related to number 1, if you like what you do for a living but don't like the way your company has run things, start your own! Who cares if it succeeds, you're rich! And it will take some business away from your old crappy bosses.

4. Unlimited cell phone data! Self-explanatory.

5. Being able to travel farther than Dallas for your family vacation. Dallas is a great place to visit, for sure. But let's be honest. How many times can you go to the Fort Worth Zoo before all the monkeys start to look the same. Go to the San Diego zoo instead! Different monkeys!


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