Unless you're just now emerging from hibernation, you're probably aware the greatest time of year is upon us: Movember. It's an entire month where participating men ditch their razors in an attempt to grow some wild 'staches and raise money for cancer research. 

The thing is, not all guys can crank out substantial amounts of upper lip hair in just a few short weeks. (Side note: that sounds totally gross.) Of course, there are the select few who actually produce impressively bushy mustaches, like the bacon-eating, testosterone-sweating man of all men, Nick Offerman. However, a majority of dudes are usually left struggling mid-month, sporting that terribly awkward peach-fuzz-meets-not-quite-'stache look.

Luckily for us, these mustachio fails have been documented on Twitter and Instagram for our entertainment and cringe-worthy pleasure.

Check out the 15 most awkward Movember participants below!

@TheBobBecker, Twitter
@CLPF1, Twitter
@rosstarded, Twitter
@Davidgardner, Twitter
@Chappers2710, Twitter
@ViralNinja, Twitter
@MalcH, Twitter
@IanNugent, Twitter
@johnnyshire, Twitter

And, of course, Joe Jonas: