Imagine being so hateful that you stand in the blistering heat to prove it.

If you are wondering why fewer and fewer are people are embracing Christianity these days, you can certainly look at acts like this. On Saturday afternoon, the day before Mother's Day (and surely throughout Mother's Day Weekend), a man in a Jesus shirt was spotted on the sidewalk of the Longhorn Steakhouse. Have a look and we'll chat some more:

T. Covarrubio
T. Covarrubio

So since this knuckle-dragging moron chose to add a little stress to an otherwise nice weekend, let's point out a few things.

First off, let's start with the fact that there are tons and tons and tons of gay moms. There are moms who've adopted and moms who have conceived and later realized that they desired or were oriented towards a same-sex relationship. There are probably other circumstances involved as well

Next up, let's make a bold assumption that since the man is wearing a shirt that says, "Jesus" he considers himself a follower. If for some reason you were not aware, Jesus never said a peep about homosexuality. Not. One. Word.  It kind of makes you wonder how someone can be a follower and be completely unaware of the teachings they are following.

But enough about religion. Let's just talk about the sheer a-holeness involved in doing something like this. How would you feel if there was a man on the corner with a sign that said "People With Brown Eyes Should Be Executed" or "Ford Owners Should Have Their Asses Kicked"?

Let's not forget how hurtful something like this is. Many in the LQBTQ+ community have already been disowned and ostracized, and little reminders like this don't help. This certainly has to be a determining factor in the disparately higher suicide rates in that community.

In Lubbock, with few exceptions, we live and let live, but I have to admit I wouldn't shed a tear if this jackass died of heatstroke and had his bones picked clean by grackles while his "soul" made its way to someplace even hotter.

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