There aren't very many people who are entomophile, which is a person who likes insects. Most and the majority of people don't like insects very much. If there is an insect that isn't disliked by many it would be the ladybug.

But I do know of one person who doesn't cringe but mostly gets excited about insects. Hell, he even makes a living killing them and has fun doing it. A couple of months back I had written about that man, Mr. Richard Montes.

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He is the only exterminator that saves the day in a humorous way. Richard Montes entertains while he exterminates which you would know if you've seen his posts on social media. If you have no idea how an exterminator can be entertaining then just see for yourself by clicking here.

Well, recently a survey was done for the most hated bug by state. Well, according to their reports turns out that cockroaches are the most hated bugs in Texas. We all know Texas is the home to other insects that seem way worse than a cockroach.

For example, for me, I most definitely hate scorpions. One of my many biggest fears is getting stung by a scorpion. There were 3,543 Americans who took the survey about the most hated bug in the United States. After you look at the map of states color coding which bug is most hated, you will be stunned. I know cockroaches aren't the greatest but at least they aren't as bad or painful as some of the others listed. So, I want to know what your most hated insect is, so take the poll below.

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