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Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick joined The Chad Hasty Show Monday evening to discuss his campaign for re-election as he is being challenged in the race by Democrat Mike Collier. Early voting began last week and continues this week. One trend that many have talked about is the lack of turnout so far.

Patrick told Republican voters not to stay home or feel like the Republicans have already won. In fact, Patrick told Hasty that his and Abbott's campaigns are much closer than some recently released polls claim.

There's been a lot talk of the red wave. Because that's all you see on the news. And there have been some polls out there that are just not accurate that show me and Abbott way ahead. We are not way ahead. It's a relatively tight race, 5-7 points the polls that I trust.

The Lieutenant Governor said they expect to win, but only if Republican voters get out and vote. Patrick said that overall voter turnout in rural Texas has been lighter than the campaign would like.

When asked about education and school choice, a topic that Patrick's opponent has been hitting him on and accusing Patrick of wanting to defund public education in rural Texas. Patrick responded by saying he as Lieutenant Governor has put more money in public education than any other Lieutenant Governor in Texas history.

Patrick also said that if a school choice bill passes, it will be focused on the larger cities.

As Governor Abbott has said, if there is a school choice bill passed, it's focused on our big cities, our big districts. Not that we don't have failing schools in rural Texas, but for the most part, kids and families like their schools, but we will bracket out rural Texas.

Patrick also discussed other rural issues and abortion during the interview. To hear the full interview, listen to KFYO's Radio on Demand. You can subscribe to The Chad Hasty Show Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

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