Meet Amy, your Awesome Adoptable Dog of the Week, up for a free adoption right now at Lubbock Animal Services.

Amy is a well-trained hound mix, and just a year old. She's a fun and sweet dog for the whole family and she's looking for her forever home. Here's her story from Lubbock Animal Services:

Meet Amy,
She is a one year old hound mix very well trained, she was with a foster and learned that she is Potty trained, she is good with kids and good with small dogs. She is also really well behaved. She has been with the shelter since August 29th. LAS will provide a voucher for her spay.

As a bonus, all of your Awesome Adoptable Pets of the Week are available for a free adoption. So if you've been thinking about adopting, you need to meet Amy.

Adoptions include all vaccines, rabies, city license, microchip and a spay or neuter voucher if the animal is not spayed or neutered already.

Now's the perfect time to find a special 4-legged best friend you and your family will love.

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