There are rumors swirling around Austin that Charlie Strong, coach of UT's football team, is about to be fired. The Austin Fox 7 news station found Texas' no. 1 fan and asked his opinion.

Everybody knows Matthew McConaughey is UT's highest profile football fan. And the Austin Fox 7 TV station found him walking around downtown to ask his opinion on the rumors and the coach.

As always, he is so much classier than anyone would have thought - even while holding a beer. Here's what McConaughey had to say:

For his entire three years here, he’s had one goal in mind: What’s best for these young men. That’s been his goal, and that’s the message that we’ll take forward. That’s the message that the whole university and all our fans and all the kids are going to take forward. No doubt, for three years he’s been about what’s best for these young men and who they are in the rest of their life. That’s going to be the legacy of Charlie Strong, and that’s a great thing. And that’s why we’re gonna go out and whup TCU’s ass Friday.


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