Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were on a Grammy-high at the red carpet as the duo had already collected three awards before the official ceremony kicked off.  They revealed their excitement over the big honors.

"This has been non-stop work... You work your whole life to get to this point,” said Macklemore.

The two also talked about their surprise video shoot for their popular single on a New York City bus two weeks ago. "We had chips and popcorn... We just wanted to get on the bus and do 'Can’t Hold Us' and wild out for a second,” Ryan Lewis explained.

The Seattle duo has also been getting hometown love from their football team, the Seahawks, who are heading to the Super Bowl next week. "They have been so supportive of our music." Lewis said.

Overall, they took home Best R&B Album, Best Rap Song, Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance. They were also nominated for Song of the Year and Best Music Video.

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