Meet Lucy, she's pretty darn cute.

via Angie Skinner

She recently had a horrific experience, but the Levelland Animal Shelter heroically saved her life. Now the shelter needs some heroes too. I'll let Lucy explain:

"Hi! My name is Lucy! I was saved with 3 of my friends after being left in a pit for 3 weeks. The Levelland Animal Shelter came to our rescue and gave us love we hadn't felt in a while. I was pregnant, and had 6 babies, so within me, 7 of us were saved! The shelter workers are awesome people with big hearts! They do everything to help us, even in drastic situations! I was saved from a horrible situation and taken care of incredibly by the shelter. Now, I'm making a plea for help for all of my friends still at the shelter! The shelter is over capacity. There is no more room. I have a safe place for the holidays. Can you give some of my friends a place to stay for the holidays? They can get registered with a rescue, go to adoption events, and find a forever family if you aren't able to give them that. Even just a temporary place, please, I'm pleading with you. Help them like I was helped! But, even better, head up and see them at the shelter from 9am-12pm! Thank you!"

In order to help you pick a foster or fur-ever friend, Levelland Animal Shelter put together a pretty darn cute video of available animals:

The shelter is open every day from 9am to noon and is located at 109 Commerce. You can call 806 891-0284 or 806 893-7885 for more information on any of these dogs. The adoption fee is to have you animal spayed or neutered and vetted. A local organization is offering a significant discount, just call the shelter and they'll give you all the details!

Thank you to Angie Skinner for letting us know about Lucy's story!

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