Once upon a time (this week) in a galaxy far, far away (Hollywood)...

As we reported a few days ago, American GQ released the cover for their August comedy issue, starring none other than comedy's It Girl of the moment, actress-comedian Amy Schumer.

On the Star Wars-parodying cover, Schumer appears hyper-sexualized, wearing a certain familiar gold slave-girl bikini, hair piled in a braided bun, and sucking suggestively on C3p0's robotic finger. Inside the editorial spread, the funny girl also appears topless and in bed with R2D2 and C3p0, as well as sucking on a lightsaber quite erotically in another image.

And while many have found the cover and its accompanying spread to be all in good fun, some diehard fans did not appreciate the joke on their beloved sci-fi franchise, expressing their distaste on social media:

It also seems that Lucasfilm and Disney are none too amused with the sexy Star Wars shenanigans, either. On Thursday July 16, the official Twitter account for the film franchise shared their disapproval with this tweet in response to a fan:

In addition, in a statement issued to Variety, a studio spokesperson said, “It’s not surprising that GQ would want to capitalize on the cultural cachet of Star Wars, but Lucasfilm and Disney did not authorize, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner.”

Luckily, while the magazine did not consult with either Lucasfilm or Disney on the shoot, since the photos are parodying the original canon, the shoot is covered under fair use. And so it seems that satire will live to see another day, at least until comedy's next offense.

Save us, Amy Schumer, you are our only hope.

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