Many times, the top Instagram photos in any given city are pictures of the outdoors and touristy locations. Lubbock, however, is quite different.

I searched for #Lubbock and found some interesting stuff. Here are the top five Instagram photos.

Here's numero uno, which I'll just call the 'Hot In The Country' picture:

Credit: Autney via Instagram

Don't know who this hottie is or if this is even a street in Lubbock! But it's a nice pic of denim on denim, so it has the most likes.

The second most liked photo makes more sense for our area and makes me wanna fire up the pit in my backyard just looking at it.

Credit: eviemaesbbq via Instagram

Lubbock...BBQ...OK, I get it. Wow! Very nice cooker there, guys.

Number three has me, um, uh, perplexed.

via Instagram

These animated GIFs make no sense to me. How #lubbock is even a part of this picture is beyond me. Hey, anime dude: stick to basic photos, please.

Here's number four. What are those green things in the background? This can't possibly be a picture taken from 'round these parts.

Live music at a popular Texas Tech pool hall.  This photo has Lubbock written all over it. (However, it fails to say 'Lubbock' anywhere in the ad.) Rats! Sorry I missed the show.

And the fifth most popular Instagram pic appeases our sense of artistry. Can you say First Friday Art Trail?

Credit: @n8pollock via Instagram

Yes, spray paint the side of my house please! Just kidding...