Festivals are great but the travel is draining, the tickets crazy expensive and I don't exactly love stewing in everyone else's sweat.

Lubbock's outdoor venue The Garden (1801 Buddy Holly) is hosting a mini-festival this Friday. Featuring six eclectic and up-and-coming bands and artists. Cover is FREE before 7 p.m. and only $5 after. It's also "Frozen Fridays" meaning their delicious margaritas are on special.

Music is set to start at 8 p.m. with the following line-up

Tone royal
Millennial falcon
Optim!us crime
Jefferson Clay

I listened to songs from most of the line-up but I specifically fell for Tone Royal. Tone Royal is a rapper out of Austin, TX with deliciously low-fi beats and a unique and killer flow:

For more information or to let them know you're coming, head over to the Facebook Event Page. Don't forget to wear your Festival best.


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