Something important to know about me before we dive into this story is that I am quite the homebody. I spend almost all my time outside of my job doing schoolwork, crafting, reading, playing with my dog, or teaching/attending ballroom lessons a couple times a month.

So, when I decided to go out with a group of friends to 'Magic Mike'-like show here in Lubbock, I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

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If you are familiar with what I'm talking about, then you know what it’s like and how intense it gets. For those that are unfamiliar (like I was before attending), it is a male stripper show where women go absolutely feral for a group of buff dancers.

From what I'd heard, I was expecting something along the lines of the 'Magic Mike' movies. I thought it would just be choreographed dances, maybe stripping down to their undies, and having a few interactions with the audience. While that was partially true, nothing could’ve prepared me for what happened.

Everything started out innocently enough. Some women paid extra to get a seat on stage and interact with the dancers. So, they went up, took their spots, and waited for their man to come onto the stage.

The first guy came out, doing his choreography, the women were loving it, and the clothes start coming off... and keep coming off.

He ends up in just a thong for a moment, interacting with the women in quite a vulgar way, but they seemed to be enjoying it. Thinking nothing of it, I cheered on the women, until things made a drastic turn.

Suddenly, the dancer grabbed a towel, stood over a woman sitting on sage, and whipped off his thong. Before he could fully cover himself up with the towel, blocking the audience’s view but letting the women on the stage see, my friends and I all get a startling glimpse of what is hanging between his legs.

We were all shocked, not expecting things to get so intense. Little did we know that it would just get more and more raunchy as the show progressed...

From taking a woman's shirt off, walking a woman like a dog, spitting in a woman's mouth, and so much more, I was left absolutely shook.

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