One native Lubbock, Texas woman was left shocked and horrified earlier today when a falling light fixture nearly missed her.

It was just a casual day at the office, completing her usual daily tasks, checking in with her coworkers, and waiting for the workday to wrap up so she could return home. As usual, the time came where her morning coffee caught up to her and she had to answer nature’s call. Heading to the restroom, she never imagined what would happen next.

Simply minding her business and doing her business, she was suddenly startled by the light fixture above her stall crashing down.

Fortunately, she had already used the restroom, because if that happened to me, know I would’ve peed myself, and I’d assume she felt the same.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and it was simply the cover of the overhead light that fell and wasn’t damaged, but I can’t imagine how scary that would’ve been. Imagine if it struck her over the head or shattered on the floor?

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After the fiasco, she reached out to the building management, and they promptly fixed the light fixture and ensured that it was secure so no one else would be left at risk of the falling cover.

With the problem fixed and no one hurt, it is simply a hilarious story that she allowed me to share with you today. You can use this as a sign to check the lights in your office bathroom and make sure nothing falls.

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