Living in an apartment is already not the most ideal situation. You can have loud neighbors, limited parking, nosey landlords, and so much more.

Fortunately, I have great landlords and my neighbor I share a wall with is wonderful, but I do have an issue with some of the people a few units down from me. I live in a townhome-style complex, so everything is one story and each unit has its own small backyard. The backyards aren’t large enough for a dog to get enough exercise, so most of the dog owners in the complex regularly take their pups out for walks.

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Most of the time, their pups end up going potty on these walks, so my complex was smart and put doggy bags around the property. Most people are courteous and pick up after their dog, but apparently one of the people living a few units down from me thinks they are too cool for that.

Because my unit is located at the end of my building, there is a section of grass next to it that many people bring their dogs to. I was taking my trash out the other day when I noticed something in the grass around ten feet from my front door. I walked up to it and saw that there were at least a dozen piles of dog poop along the edge of the grass.

Not only was I grossed out, but it also made me remember a certain section of my lease. Every tenet at this complex signed a lease that clearly stated that everyone that planned to keep a dog on the property had to go through a process of getting their dog DNA tested. This is done so any poop found on the property can be tested for DNA and matched to one of the dogs living on the property.

I live towards the back of the complex, so I am assuming management hasn’t seen the poop that is not being picked up. The kicker is that those caught not picking up their dog’s poop would be fined, and I honestly don’t feel bad if I’m the reason these people get fined. I have yet to inform the management at my complex about the issue, but I definitely plan to.

Although I don’t have a dog living with me in my apartment, I did grow up with dogs., and it is a universal thing to know that you need to clean up after your dog. If you think you are too good to pick up your dog’s poop, then you shouldn’t own a dog. No one likes picking up poop, but it is something you do as a responsible and respectful dog owner.

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