A website listing the safest cities for women in the U.S. reveals that Lubbock isn't one of them. In fact, the city's in the bottom 10.

Dang. It's another low for Lubbock and for Texas.

The site Value Penguin basically looked at crime, education, public policy and access to health care versus the size of the city. It seems a pretty easy formula to put together and to understand.

Included in the study of crime were the prosecution rates and strength of the police force. Education looked at things like various graduation rates and median income for women. Public Policy is spelled out with paid sick leave, number of women leaders and other workforce issues. Healthcare was represented by many subcategories, including breast cancer and uninsured rates.

The bottom line for Lubbock is, this is not good. Lubbock comes in as 254 out of 261 cities overall. While we scored pretty badly all the way through, it was the public policy and education/wealth categories that really dragged us down. To put it simply, women around here aren't being protected at work, on the street or at home. Not only do they have to deal with assault-type crimes, their personal well-being and work is not being respected.

I hate to end this blog the way so many others have ended, but once again: Who do we want to be? How do we want to be remembered? Don't you want a better place for your moms, sisters and daughters?

We can do better, Lubbock. It's time to recognize that women's issues have been ignored for far too long in the Hub City and work toward improving them.

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