Angela of Fiesta Loca Piñatas & Face Painting doesn't mess around when it comes to stunning custom piñatas. She can do anything, from cute unicorns to spot-on Fortnite llamas, wrestlers and princesses - really, anything you can think of.

Recently, she got what would have been a challenging request to someone who isn't a complete master of her craft: Make a Post Malone piñata. I think it's fair to say she totally nailed it, even down to the gold grill:

Angelina Gandara
via Fiesta Loca Piñatas & Face Painting

The best part? You get to draw the face and hand tattoos on yourself!

Wanting your own killer custom piñata? Head over to Fiesta Loca Piñatas & Face Painting on Facebook. Just remember to give her at least two weeks lead time. She's gotten quite popular, as you might have guessed.

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