Raising Cane’s is an iconic chain restaurant that is known for their chicken strips and beloved ‘Cane’s Sauce’.

It was founded in Louisiana, but has become a staple for many Texans when they are on the hunt for a quick and easy fast-food option. Their rhyming drive-thru greetings, crinkle cut fries, and toast have made it into the hearts of many Texans, including those of the celebrity variety.

Singer, rapper, and song writer, Post Malone, is a huge Raising Cane’s fan, recently doing a collab with the chain and opening up a customized location near his home in Utah.

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While he currently resides there with his family, he is originally from Grapevine, Texas.

Now, knowing Malone’s love for Cane’s and his history in Texas, is makes sense that he is doing another collab with the chicken finger corporation.

They are officially opening a new Dallas location that is not only a collab with Post Malone, but also with the Dallas Cowboys. The building is white and blue to represent the football team, with the Cowboy’s star marking the entrance to the drive-thru.

The inside of the building is where Malone shines with custom signage. You will also see decals that look similar to the Utah location on the outside of the building.

The grand opening is this Thursday at noon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Post Malone and representatives from the Cowboys are there to celebrate.

Some might say there is "too much Texas" going on here, but I think it's just right.

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