I don't have a problem with kids, babies, or their parents in most cases. But one thing I saw three times over four days annoys the living daylights out of me.

This action annoys me because it's unsanitary, to say the least.

The problem?

Scenario: Mother with an infant wearing a diaper without any clothing over the diaper sets the child down on a counter that people put food products on.

I saw this at a Lubbock convenience store and two local fast food outlets over four days.

At the convenience store, I was behind one of these ladies, and when she picked her kid back up, the counter was moist. I refused to set my purchase, which was food and drinks, down, but rather handed it to the cashier and asked her to put it straight into a bag.

Mama was not happy that I did that, asking me, "Do you think my child is nasty or something?"

No, I never said that or thought it, but let's analyze this.

A child in a diaper placed on a counter + moist counter = unsanitary. It doesn't matter how clean your child is or isn't. That is just nasty.

Now, I understand that carrying a child is not easy and sometimes you need to set the kid down. I get that. But the least the woman, or the cashier, should have done was wipe the counter off. (The cashier didn't seem to care and acted as if this is a common occurrence, which it probably is.)

I don't know where your child has been, if they have soiled the diaper or what. Why am I going to put myself in harm's way because of this? I'm not.

Is this a disgusting thing to happen or do you think it should slide? I want to know your thoughts on this one.

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