A Henderson County police officer was fired after an Instagram video he made while in uniform went viral.

Former Henderson County Senior Sheriff's Deputy Keon Mack recorded a video June 1 in full uniform, sitting in his patrol car. He was just about to start a long shift.

The video is riddled with offensive language, and quickly went viral. In just six days, it has racked up over 121k views. It has also been shared on Facebook and has more than 14k likes and 28k shares.

According to Blue Lives Matter, Mack recorded the video because he wanted to show he was the same person regardless of the situation. He said the following during an BLM interview:

I just wanted to let people know - you know, everybody that hates the police – especially the black community who looks at us like we’re siding with the oppressors. My whole point of the video was ‘look I’m a normal guy. Even though you guys swear you hate us, you still call us – even in the craziest situations. Don’t hate us – we’re here for you. I’m a normal guy and I’m here for you on a daily basis.

His video had mixed responses, with many fellow officers saying while funny, it is considered "conduct unbecoming" of a law enforcement officer; to which Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse agreed. Hillhouse told Blue Lives Matter he was disappointed and that Mack's behavior caught him off guard.

“I think a lot of Deputy Mack and I always have. It caught me off guard,” Sheriff Hillhouse told Blue Lives Matter. “And you know that’s just not how I want our deputies representing me. So we had to address it.”

Mack was terminated on June 2. He said he knew what he was doing when he made the video and has accepted the consequences.

Below is the video that got him fired.  ****WARNING**** This video contains offensive material and may not be suitable for all audiences.

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