A local man got quite a surprise after he reviewed his home surveillance footage and noticed some unusual activity involving wooden blinds on a door.

At approximately 5:44 a.m. in the video above, the wooden blinds on one of the doors in his home open and shut by themselves. It happens again twice more before 5:47. The video shows all three occurrences stitched together. We have also pointed out a mysterious orb that is captured on the video as well. It should be mentioned that this is an infra-red camera, so no lights are on when this happens. No other edits have been made to the video.

Leonard Nickerson, who lives in the home, is my friend, so not only can I vouch for his trustworthiness, I was also able to ask him a few questions. I asked him if he personally believes that there is paranormal activity in the house.

"I think there is activity at the house," he told me. "The house was built in 1923 for Roscoe Wilson. I was told that the house had once been a funeral home, but I don't have any proof of that."

The house is a gorgeous, neoclassical-style structure. It's columned portico invites guests in with with an undeniable feeling of historical richness. I have certainly felt an energy when I have had the privilege of visiting the home. It feels warm and generous. However, on occasion, Leonard has experienced something a little more sinister.

"The most alarming thing I've encountered was a series of nights where I was awakened by a LOUD popping noise. This happened at least three times, once twice in one night," he explained, adding: "It was alarming. I could never identify it. I began to look online and read something about exploding head syndrome (Editor's Note: A sleep disorder). I thought it was in my head. But then, the last time it happened, I had my dog in bed with me, and he heard it. I saw him jump. So I knew it wasn't me."

Leonard is a researched, intelligent man, and has tried to explain this phenomenon rationally. However, any possible mundane scenario has been ruled out. He told me that if there is truly an entity playing with the blinds, he doesn't believe that it is hostile.

His entire house is a massive curio cabinet, full of rare and unique objects that certainly hold their own power. This is the reason his property is constantly monitored via cameras (in addition to more security measures). I asked him if he thought the energy might have come into the house via one of his art objects, but he does not believe the activity is is associated with any item in particular. However, he does own a frame that "had stood a mute witness to murder," so perhaps it's possible.

I would like to thank Leonard for his time and for this incredible video footage. I'll be sure to update this story should an other mysterious activities occur. In the meantime, check out more spooky Lubbock stories in the videos below.

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