Today (June 20) is the summer solstice. That means that it's the longest day of the year. (Yeah, and it had to happen on a Monday, right?) But that's not the only celestial happening.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Tonight we will also have a full moon. The June moon is known as the Strawberry Moon.

Now, don't look for the moon to be red with a green vine on top. It was called the strawberry moon by Native Americans as a reminder to pick the fruits. It's also historical in that this is the first time that the full moon has fallen on the summer solstice since 1967. You're going to have to eat your vitamins if you want to see it next time, too. It won't happen again until 2062 (that's 46 years from now).

Is all of this not special enough for you? How about this: It's the fourth of four full moons between March and June. Usually we only have three.

Have fun getting mooned tonight.


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