Easy R Equine Rescue in Lubbock recently took in a horse named Chablis, who rescuers say is "by far, the worst condition of any horse since we started the non-profit horse rescue charity in 2009."

Chablis is the victim of horrible neglect. She's extremely underweight, has multiple infected injuries, majorly overgrown hooves and a previously broken hip. On top of everything else, poor Chablis is five months pregnant.

Easy R Equine has set a modest goal of $3,500 dollars to pay for Chablis' vetting and systematic re-feeding. If you would like to make a donation to help in Chablis' recovery, please do so on Easy R Equine's Crowdrise Campaign. (Warning: Some of the photos are very upsetting, but necessary to show the extent of her injuries. Descriptions of the injuries are technical/medical).

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